About Wine

Sarment is Asia’s fastest growing luxury wine and spirits business providing 'art de la table' products and services to both private individuals and corporate enterprises active in the luxury community.

Headquartered in Singapore and operating a team of extensively networked Sommeliers and Spirits Evangelists, Sarment delivers curated products and services that leverage a deep cultural understanding of local nuances seamlessly across twelve countries internationally.


About Spirits

In tandem with our luxury wine portfolio Sarment, provides a remarkable breadth of beverage knowledge and expertise across craft spirits and world-class cocktails.

We merge a curated portfolio of sought-after independent brands and work with a partnership network of award winning Spirits Evangelists, bartenders and educators along with Asia’s leading hospitality clients.

Our curated selection of spirits extends from rare whisky, unique Sake, artisanal Armagnac, through to family owned Cognac houses, bespoke Rum and craft Gin brands all of which we support with creative flair and service excellence.